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Monday, 13 May 2013

Cairnpapple Weekend

Just a quick post to show you some photos of the Cairnpapple Hill History weekend on 27-28 April.  This event is organised by Historic Scotland Ranger Service at Linlithgow Peel.  http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/index/learning/ranger.htm They invite lots of people up to Cairnpapple Hill to showcase Historic Scotland's only manned prehistoric site on the Scottish Mainland.  I am a big big fan of Cairnpapple and was very pleased that I got to go along in my Northlight guise and help out.  I took along a bespoke handling box of neolithic axe heads and a wee piece of Bronze Age pottery, kindly lent to me by Archaeology Scotland http://www.archaeologyscotland.org.uk/

I was doing some artefact handling with some gorgeous Bronze-age replicas ...

as well as helping the visiting children to express their artistic talents painting a 'death mask' with ochre paints (this is because there was a wooden object found over the teeth in the North Grave at Cairnpapple).

I was also working with John Wells and Jim Knowles from West Lothian Archaeology Group - John does kite photography and is keen to share his work with others: http://www.armadale.org.uk/archaeologyintro.htm 
On site showcasing his wares was Graham Taylor - a potter who makes replica vessels from all time periods.  He has shown me before how to make the designs used in Bronze Age pottery decoration - http://www.pottedhistory.co.uk/ I will be working with him later this year at the Festival of Prehistory in Arran.
Lastly I met a lovely lady called Jan Hendry - who does wool dying, spinning and weaving.  Her little cardboard looms are much better than the ones I've tried to make before!

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