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Monday, 13 May 2013

Week 1

What a week - finished up as Community Ranger in Holyrood Park on Wednesday 18 April and begun my new adventure on the next day.  I started as Community Archaeology Trainee at Northlight Heritage on Thursday.  My placement is funded by the Council of British Archaeology and is designed to give me lots of experience in working with communities to kindle their enthusiasm for Archaeology.

I was straight into the Community on my first day.  I accompanied my colleague Ingrid Shearer to Govan Old Church as part of the Weaving Truth with Trust project http://weavingtruthwithtrust.org/ where local Primary School children are learning about Govan's exciting role as the religious and political centre of the Strathclyde Britons after the Viking seige of Dunbarton Rock http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/history/articles/kingdom_of_the_britons/

Ingrid didn't have any trouble convincing the school kids of her authentic Orcadian Viking heritage with this impression of a cow with a horn on one side of its head :-)

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