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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Week 5 Hidden Heritage Excavation - Possible Macfarlane Dwelling

19th Century manuscripts tell of a dwelling house belonging to the Chief of the Clan Macfarlane being in Tarbet close to the shore...it was noted as being in the grounds of the Manse...so we are digging up a very kind lady's garden in search of this house.
This was Day 1

Day 2 was much sunnier.  I took the p6-7 from Arrochar Primary down to our new trench opened up on the Playing fields in front of the Manse to try to locate some anomalies shown up on the Geophysics.  The kids did very well - one even found a sixpence from 1960!  I guess for an eleven year old that's pretty old. I'll be back later in the week to tell you more...

On another note, the Hidden Heritage Project now has a new website: http://www.hiddenheritage.org.uk/    Enjoy!

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