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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Week 6 - Stuckidhu Enclosure

Last week we excavated a possible hut circle within a strange enclosure shaped like a jellybean!  It is on the North facing hillside on the isthmus, overlooking Tarbet.
This is a photo of me teaching Ann and Alistair how to plan - they got very stuck in and attached to the trench after carefully planning every stone!

We had a visit from over 40 school children from Lomond School - one of whom said afterwards "That was EPIC!" so we know our engagement with them was a success

The highlight of last week was the Open Day, where we welcomed over 150 people up to the site.  It was truly magnificent.  There was Viking ale, Venison Stew, live butter making, grain grinding, wool spinning, kite photography and I made bone bobbins to make some Viking style braids.  They were a big hit.

My first shot at kite photography...pity the card needed to be re-formatted!!

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