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Monday, 29 July 2013

Week 11

This week was mainly spent in the office (which is a necessity sometimes!)  The above picture shows a visit to the Dickson Laboratory near Maryhill in Glasgow by some of the Hidden Heritage volunteers.  They were given a tour of the lab and then set to work sorting out and cleaning the artefacts found on the Hidden Heritage excavations.  I think it's great that Northlight are involving volunteers in the post-excavation side of archaeology, as it's often forgotten about compared to the thrill of excavation.  

I also worked on a project which is going to take place in Selkirk in the Autumn, as well as helping to prepare a draft report on our work for the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative.  The most interesting phone conversation I had this week was with a retired miner at High Valleyfield in Fife.  He told me some great anecdotes about the domestic culture of miners and how he got chatted up in the pub after backshift, because he literally had black coal eyeliner on (so deeply ingrained, it didn't come off in the shower!)  This conversation really taught me the value in Oral history projects - to bring something industrial to life.

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