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Monday, 29 July 2013

Week 12 - Bennachie

Me working with Volunteers to clear rubble from Shepherd's Lodge in Bennachie
I spent this week up at Bennachie in Aberdeenshire.  I was kindly hosted by Northlight's Aoife Gould, who is the Community Archaeologist on this great collaborative project.  Check out the website here: http://www.bailiesofbennachie.co.uk/excavation/ 

The project is all about this amazing hill - Bennachie - and everything in it - from flora and fauna, to geology and archaeology.  There is a very active community group called the Bailies of Bennachie who are working with archaeologists and anthropologists from the University of Aberdeen and Northlight Heritage to try to uncover information about the colony of crofters who lived in an area of common land during the 19th Century until they were evicted by their landlords.

I spent the week in one particular dwelling - working with students and volunteers from the community recording and excavating a house at Shepherd's Lodge.  We even know the family name of the people who lived there, which meant finding personal objects like a clay pipe even more special.

I also demonstrated the wonders of pole and kite aerial photography to three school groups - who all seemed to love coming to speak to the archaeologists.

Some of the Bennachie team at Shepherd's lodge 

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