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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Week 13 - Burning the Circle

Well the highlight of this week was, hands down, setting fire to a timber circle in Arran...to create a public spectacle, engage people in Arran's amazing archaeology and also to try a bit of an experiment.  About 40 people turned up to watch at 10pm on a Sunday night.  Check out Dr Brophy's blog about the experience http://theurbanprehistorian.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/the-12th-hole/

As well as the amazing timber circle burning, I tried my hand at creating a demonstration Burnt Mound - it worked really well and I really enjoyed chatting to visitors to Brodick Country Park about how the Bronze Age folk heated water.  We had lots of debates about what they would have used the hot water for.  My favourite suggestion was from one wee boy who said "TORTURE!"  We managed to boil and egg in the water & eat it ... Success!!

I felt privileged to have erected one of the timbers by hand...I didn't dig the hole though!

Thanks go to the epic University of Glasgow and the amazing Arran Ranger Service https://www.facebook.com/ArranRangerService

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