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Saturday, 2 November 2013

October - A mix of things

At last, during October I got a wee bit of time to think about future projects, and have a look at different avenues of funding out there.  It's a bit daunting but also very exciting at the same time.  However, I was also very busy with the Cumnock Project.  Although the excavation had finished, the project was still continuing.  I organised a little 'Shop Front Heritage Hunt' for the October holidays, where shop owners let me put little clues about Cumnock's history in the windows and the kids had to go around looking for the clues.  In the end I got 26 responses, which for Cumnock I think isn't too bad...
Initial Wordle cloud of "Inn 3 Words" - memory gathering about the Tup Inn

We also had a couple of meetings with the Cumnock Living Memory Group + new members of the community who came to our "Memory Bank" sessions.  The breaking news on 31 Oct was that the amazing ladies from the Living Memory Group want to start up a completely new group with new members and will donate all their website content (A LOT) to the new group!   Amazing.  It's so great to think that the Raising the Bar project has inspired a new group to form.

At the end of October I did a 'follow up visit' for one of the local primary schools - the teacher wanted a Victorian tour of Cumnock.  It was a great success - the kids orientated themselves in the OS 1st Edn map far better than the teachers & helpers managed to.  They also spent time in the Square using old photos to work out where the photographer stood and how the views had changed.

We also had planning meetings for the Community Heritage Conference happening in November - I was working with the Skills for the Future Trainees at RCAHMS to organise a photo competition.  The entries started trickling in throughout October.  The theme was "Heritage for the Heart" - something I totally believe in - Heritage is good for you!

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