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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Takeover Day

Takeover Day was a brilliant collaboration between us, Greenmill Primary School in Cumnock and the East Ayrshire Leisure team.  It was a national initiative where kids get to take over museums for a day -experiencing all jobs from managers to tour guides.  I looked after the Collections Care team along with Bruce -a curator with East Ayrshire Leisure.  The kids even took over our facebook and twitter account for the day.  They were cleaning and displaying artefacts we had found on the excavation in September.  It was seriously one of the most rewarding days at work I have ever had.  To see the children take such care and ownership over their objects whilst they worked out each artefact's biography was a pleasure.  A great day was had by all - the objects are on display at the Baird Institute - telling a story of the Tup Inn - written by the children of Cumnock.

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